Cheap GoPro Cameras: 3 Ways to Grab a GoPro at Insane Discounts

Unfortunately GoPro Cameras are hard to find discounted. That’s just the reality of the situation. Fortunately you have folks like me out there that are continually on the prowell for better deals and bigger discounts. This isn’t going to be some hoo-ha about penny pinching — look if you want an awesome camera, invest in an awesome camera — but a no-BS guide to practical high-value, best-deal GoPro purchases.

Cheap GoPro

How to Destroy the Marketplace and Grab An Action Camera for Unreasonable Discounts

cheap gopro

Want Prices like these on the $400 GoPro Black Edtion?

The Cheapest GoPro Camera – White Edition

If you’re just looking for a cheaper alternative to the black edition everyone is talking about, the GoPro Hero 3 White Edition is currently the cheapest helmet camera directly from Gopro. There are three editions, black, silver, and white. The white edition is the cheapest at $199. If you can’t afford to spend more, the White edition is a good place to start. (See our full White Edition Review)

Note: If you haven’t already read our guide to choosing the right action camera, do it now before reading further.

Here are three main ways to score a cheap GoPro camera:

1) Refurbished GoPros that Act Like New Ones

This is easily the #1 way to get a cheap camera that’s excellent. Most refurbishers offer some kind of guarantee with their cameras so there’s not a lot of risk.  You can google “refurbished gopro” or sometimes you can find the best deals by searching through the competing refurbished GoPro sellers on Amazon.


2) Grab An Older Model Like the Hero Naked or the 960

The older models of GoPro Cameras are very good. The 960 and Naked were there base models that all their other variations are based off of. GoPro has always made a great camera. You won’t find these sold at their main site anymore but you can often find great discounts on Amazon. Combine this with the strategy above and you could have a GoPro for less than $100 if your lucky. $120 is a pretty normal price for a 960 if its refurbished.

Look Up Current Discounts and Deals for the GoPro Naked and 960

3) Choose Contour Instead because They Have Better Discounts

Working around a budget is pretty hard. If you’re really determined to buy a GoPro camera, then ask yourself first where you are going to use it. Will you need it to take professional shots? Or do you just want to have it for your hobbies? If your going to use it for relatively basic filming, you might settle for a different brand. You don’t exactly need one that takes 240 frames per second if you just need it to document your adventures.

The Contour camera offers a good alternative to the cheap GoPro White Edition. As of writing this you can find a Contour ROAM2 for $179 on Amazon. We actually recommend this camera to beginners if they can’t afford to go to the next level yet.

At GoPro Vs Contour, we do the research for you. Here are some of your best deals. Check the current prices now (you might be surprised):

The Cheapest GoPro Cams on Amazon (+ Free Shipping)

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